Our Quality

JazzFest fine-art prints are measured by a criteria of aesthetic excellence, creative integrity, and production perfection. We're building the world’s finest archives of original jazz LP art prints—brilliant images of the music's rich history, variety, and energy.

Our development process uses exacting standards of research, restoration, and production technique. Masterfully restored from original vintage-era plates, each custom artwork melds faithful handcrafted refinement with advanced digital precision. Our restoration results transform and distinct elements emerge: fresh-looking brushstrokes, crisp line work, clean type, purer photography—authentic idiosyncrasies revealed in brilliant chromatic range, depth, and fidelity.

Ultra-premium pigments on fine European paper stocks shape uncompromising editions made eco-friendly, water resistant, lightfast, and archival—surpassing stability and longevity requirements of the world’s top museums.

Musty no longer in the patina of age and cheaply printed mass production, we reimagine this brilliant album cover art for the first time beyond mere twelve-inch record sleeve margins: high-fidelity sharp, chromatically dazzling, lavishly rich, boldly large-scale up to 44 inches square.

Authentic JazzFest Gallery fine art prints honor their visionaries and illuminate with renewed spirit. Reborn with integrity for today’s home décor market, our collection heralds rightful status to these rediscovered vintage treasures in the 20th century art and design canon.